Intrusive ads are brand suicide…

23 Jul
Intrusive ads really tick punters off...

Intrusive ads really tick punters off...

HOT OF THE PRESS:- Apparently theres new research to suggest that intrusive ads annoy people, and annoying ads are not good for your brand rep…

Excuse me for being a Mr know it all, but isn’t this bleedin obvious. Everytime I tell someone non-digital that I’m in online advertisng they reply – “Is it you who make those annoying smiley faces pop up on my screen.”

Although it’s not the first piece of research on this matter, (others here, here & here), hopefully those marketeers still spending their ad $$ budgets on ‘intrusive’ online ads will wake up and stop giving the rest of online advertisers a bad name. Who are these brands who continue to bug us all? Well the report highlighted, Dulux, Ford, Garnier, Halifax and L’Oreal as being among those with the most mentioned…

In my opinion, Online advertising should always look, where possible, to add or enhance the users experience online. It should never look to detract from it or hinder it in any way, and ad formats such as pop up / overlays / ads with sound / and to a certain extent certain expandables can never be seen to be adding to the users experience.

Yes – some ad vendors / media owners may argue that as a method for getting infront of targeted audiences it’s second to none. And sure, they may remember you alright, but for all the wrong reasons.

So for those of you who knew it already, pat yourself on the back. For those that didn’t, heed advice from above otherwise you could soon be walking the plank with your brand…


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