Breaking the Habit

10 Dec

Why hasn’t conversational marketing taken off? Well, I see only one reason and that is that the people who run the online media world are too busy with the day to day that they fail to care or notice.

Banners, among other usual contenders are what people see as online marketing. Most fail to see outside of the box, which is totally understandable – a working day for most is exactly that a working day, where doing is everything and thinking creatively is not necessarily high up there. If you are selling, you have a small amount of time to connect with what people understand. Education maybe part of selling, but I wager you only have a certain level of tolerance as a buyer to receive it and as a sales person there is only so much you can do.

Selling to the busy, especially those that buy day in and day out the same stuff, also decreases acceptance levels. Habits are habits, the are formed because humans need routine and comfort; it’s our ability to see a microcosm into the future, which makes us feel safe.

It’s the bold whom take on the challenge of the new, who see the concept and embrace it. Are they the successful among us? Maybe. Whatever they are they are the ones that break new ground for the rest of us to follow. For the rest of us to learn from their successes and failures, and to push on with momentum.

I’ve said it before, engagement is everything! Marketers just need to find that golden ticket to break the mundane and go for the new ground.


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