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A new brand way – New York!

13 Jul

The Conversational Marketing Summit

So yes it was over a month ago now, but hey I’m catching up so bare with me. It was great to be over in New York for Federated Media’s summit on coversational & social media, and ways brands can engage audiences in these new mediums online.

I particuarily found it refreshing to hear from marketing execs for some of the worlds biggest brands (particuarily tech focussed brands) showcase how they had been utilising social media platforms as branding excercises. Andy Lark from Dell discussed the ‘Regeneration’ graffiti ap campaign which they ran on facebook, Marcy Shinder of American Express discussing the OPEN online resource centre while Mike Hoefflinger from Intel discussed their plans to increase the online portion of their budget to at least 50% by 2009.

You can get a decent round-up of the conf from Tim Leberecht’s post on Cnet. If you fancy checking out some of the sessions, you can get full length videos online. Also if you are interesting FM are running another conference on CM, this time it’s in San Francisco (November 2008 ). See you there!

Best Session:- There was a panel discussion on ‘Measuring Conversational Media’ and how marketers should measure whether their campaigns are sucessful. It was wholeheartedly agreed that clicks and ctr as metrics are simply not a good indicator of campaign performace, although the industry has propogated this for so long. Some interesting research was discussed regarding CTRs / clicker profiles thanks to a fascinating recent report conducted by Starcom entitled ‘Natural Born Clicker,’ (more to follow). All parties agreed that their needed to be more concise co-operation between media owners, agencies, advertisers and the IAB to establish a set of better metrics, and place pressure on agencies to facilitate a shift away from an over reliance on CTRs.

Best CM Campaign Example:- Dell’s Regeneration campaign that ran on facebook was a great example of marketing in social media at its very best. The campaign recieved a massive response rate, and most alarmingly the interaction time with the Dell brand was remarkable – some users spent hours creating their pieces of art for the Dell competition.

Though to take away:- Right at the start of the summit John Batelle announced Federated Media’s new CM tracking toolkit – which should go some way to helping advertisers monitor the sucess of their campaigns, other than standard clicks and CTRs. More to follow on this…

And so I conclude...

Everyone seemed to clear off as I took to the floor...