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Fancy an iPint?

16 Jul

Yes the launch of the iPhone hasn’t escaped my notice, and finally after much resistance here is an iPhone 3G related post.  It was announced today that Carling’s innovative iPint has reach numero uno on the iTunes free app downloads chart.

For those of you who dont know (where have u been…???!!!?), with software 2.0 iPhone users with both new and both existing iphones can download specifically created aps. There’s both paid for and free apps, with the majority of branded content being distributed for free. When Apple opened the app program for developers back in Oct 07, those companies that were listening saw the chance at some great exposure and branding across the iPhone user community. And Carling certainly saw this opporunity alright! Their app acts a reacts like a real pint – See how it works here!

The whole concept of the iPint is brilliant – can you imagine the sheer level of interaction with this thing? The app for sure has enjoyed a great viral uptake and you can expect this to continue in the short term at least. So well done Carling – I think the iPint is a stroke of genius. Shame the beer still tastes crap though…

Other iPhone branded apps include lastminute.com’s travel phrasebooks, BA.com’s arrivals checker, TripAdvisor’s restaurant app, as well as numerous RSS news based apps.

Stay tuned as in the coming week’s I’ll be reviewing my favourite branded apps! In the meantime, anyone have a favourite branded app? Thoughs…