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Dot Com Advertising Bubble Again?

14 Feb

I was a student when the dot com bubble burst and as such I guess it kind of passed me by, not in the sense that I ignored it, but more in the sense that it wasn’t impacting my life. In hindsight I wish that my professors were a little more on it and shoved it in our faces, but like everyone else who weren’t directly involved its hard to grasp how big the storm is when you sit in the middle. Now I get the impression that people learned from this experience and the Internet along with the economy that surrounds it has become one of adolescence. At this stage of maturity the failures of the dot com bubble have been noted and the realisation that online isn’t the Holy Grail that everyone thought it could be means that everyone is back at putting in the effort needed to keep the business of online alive.

Noticeably now that other advertising genres become cheaper, such as print and radio both of which I suspect have similar production costs the online arena must justify it’s place in the marketer’s mind. Lucky the technology is so persuasive and measurable, although saying that it could be onlines achilles heel, especially when things don’t perform.  I doubt we are in a bubble, at least not like before, but the other side of this recession, will prove to be a different playground than it was before.


Is Online Advertising Recession Proof?

29 Dec

Working in the industry I guess I have to be careful about what I say here. Unlike Alistair Darling I try to be careful about my use of words when talking about sensitive subjects as recession. But I was reading an article in Business Week today, which prompted this long lingering question of how recession proof are we. Their article I think sums up much of what those of us who work in the industry think; which ultimately Online verses traditional ad formats has some versatility in its implementation. Strategic campaigns can be well place, if marketers know that the budget will be around to fund them, but Online gives you shorter lead times, to make choices between tactical or strategic campaigns depending on the brands interests are at that time. This ability to be free from months of consulting, planning and execution can be priceless in an increasingly erratic economy and it is for this reason that Online should fair better than most. Recession proof, not totally, but I know which side of the fence I would like to be when storm hits… roll on 2009.