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Nike UK’s 40% discount code – innocent leak or first class guerilla marketing?

30 Nov
40% off these? Dream on...

40% off these? Dream on...

I spent a fair whack of my Saturday parked @ Nike.co.uk’s online store. Why oh why? Well, just like a fair bunch of like minded folks, I was there to scoop my generous 40% discount across the full online range…or so I thought…

Late last week news started to spread online about a code which enabled this massive discount – details were vague about exactly how the code was obtained, but it was claimed that the code was ‘leaked’ by an employee, and the code itself – UKEMPL1115 – seemed to suggest that it may be some sort of staff discount code. By Friday afternoon the deal had very much gone viral – see Google or forum threads @ HotUKDeals & MoneySavingExperts.

By Saturday night the code seems to have stopped working altogether, and people who had successfully placed orders before began to receive emails informing them that their order had been canceled.

Had we just all been punk’d? No doubt in my mind!

Thinking rationally the whole Employee code leak just sounds full of holes. The voucher code just seems so flakey – would Nike really offer a discount code online for employees? I sincerely doubt it – surely its just asking for something like this to happen. Also, IF they did would it be so obvious as that – it’s not very cryptic is it? And 40%?!?! Have Nike employees really got it that good? A bit of searching online proved inconclusive, with some placing Nike employee discount at 20%, others at 30% but none quite at 40%. I really doubt its as high as this….

What was it mum used to say – If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is…

To me this just sounds like a crafty guerrilla marketing ploy – the glue being the unbelievable offer, and the purpose being to get us to the Nike site and wet our appetite. You think you are getting something, then it gets taken away from you – you then want it back (even if you never had it in the first place, and in order to get it back is going to cost you considerable more ££). That’s exactly how I feel – thinking rationally, I’d never thought about getting those running shoes (cost v benefit), until I thought that I was getting them for 40% off. @ 40% off I sold myself the benefits of having these shoes, but when this discount was taken away I still harboured the desire to own these shoes.

Anyone else come across a similar guerilla marketing ploy, or have more on this story?? Thoughts / comments welcome…


Viral Marketing – where it all began…

9 Jul

So my first forray into digital marketing – my 2006 final year marketing thesis on Viral Marketing.

I’ll never forget the day everyone “discussed” their proposed topics in a room, could they have been any more boring? – I knew I needed to do something else, something a little different. When I presented my idea to my proffessor the blank gaze I recieved in return said it all – she had never heard of viral marketing, or as it happens had the majority of her colleagues at the university.

The problem was/is that online marketing is growing at such a rapid rate thats its pretty hard to keep up at times, and as a result a lot of students studying markeitng degrees at UK uni’s are being advised to examine more traditional forms of media. But surely that’s an area that needs the least research? What about the new forms on marketing springing up in this new media age – conversational marketing, social media marketing, rss advertising, blog marketing, and the list goes on. Why aren’t students encouraged to add new research / material to much needed new areas of digital marketing, as opposed to adding to the clutter of existing research?

Anyway, enough of me rambing. The dissertation can be downloaded in here (sans appendix) – I hope that someone finds some use for it, and if you do let me know what!